How to Organize Your Family Photos & Get Them Printed!

If I asked you where do you keep all of your digital files, what would you say? Have they been hanging out on your phone, camera, or computer for a few months or even years? On Instagram or Facebook? If any of these sound familiar to you, then you probably should read on!  

So many beautiful things happen in life and with smartphones and digital cameras, they can be so easily captured. If you have these photos scattered around in multiple places, you can easily lose track and it can become very overwhelming. Here are a few simple steps to help you get those special photos organized! 

  1. Upload your images to your computer. Do not let them sit on your phone and camera forever and do nothing with them. The first step to getting your images organized and hopefully printed is to upload them onto your computer. 
  2. Use Folders and Sub folders. I start off with my main folder being the year and then subfolders under the year will consist of the month and then the date.  
  1. Don’t be a photo hoarder! Are you guilty of taking 100+ photos when going apple picking with your littles? I know I am, but you need to go through those images and weed out what you truly will not use.  
  2. Invest in an External Hardrive. Now that your images are all organized, you will need to make sure they are stored safely. Look into getting an external hardrive so that just in case your computer fails, you have them safe in one more spot! Trust me… you do not want to lose these precious memories. Once you begin adding more photos to your files, make sure you are always backing them up.  
child looking at photo album

Once your photos are all organized, you are ready to get them printed! So get to work friends!! It is so important to showcase your family memories.  Below are a few ways that I print family photographs!

If you cannot tell already, I am so passionate about preserving family memories! I also created a Pinterest board titled “Print Your Photos”! I am always adding to it when I find neat ways to display family memories!! So click on the image below to see what I have been pinning.


Also head on over to my IGTV CHANNEL on Instagram! I chat all about the importance of printing your photos in my last video.

So have fun with this friends! It may seem overwhelming, especially if you are behind, but set goals for yourself! Work a little each week on this. You will be so happy. I promise!

April 29, 2020

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